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Horseshoe Gang "4 Brothers" Track Listing
Posted By: EFFeX - (07-27-16) - General - 1693 View(s) -

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On September 16th, the Horseshoe Gang returns to the scene with the release of their brand new album 4 Brothers. As the project's release date approaches, it's official track listing has now been made available by Seven13 Music & Entertainment.

Fans can look forward to sixteen all new tracks which feature a level of lyrical effort that can only be delivered by the Shoe Gang. Furthermore, the project features contributions by numerous talented producers and artists including none other than KXNG CROOKED himself.

While this album will be available for purchase digitally, only 500 copies will be pressed. Those who are interested in getting their hands on an extremely limited edition autographed copy must act quickly. Please visit Seven13's official website for details.

Track List

1. No Skool (Prod. Anno Domini)
2. What Is The Matter With Dice (Prod. Muzikgirl)
3. Coffin (Prod. Jonathan Elkaer)
4. Debo's Rant (Interlude)
5. On The Trolley (Prod. Scottzilla)
6. I'm Chillin (Prod. Muzikgirl)
7. Bury Me (Prod. Komplex)
8. One Time feat. Harmony & Precious (Prod. Muzikgirl)
9. Hitler In My Past Life (Prod. Pitchshifters)
10. Hood High feat. KXNG CROOKED, Sauce Tha Boss & Mad Man (Prod. Pitchshifters)
11. I'm 'Bout To Flip (Prod. Muzikgirl)
12. Crooked's Corner (Interlude)
13. Know Nuthin 'Bout (Prod. Tabu)
14. DJ Vlad Interview (Interlude)
15. Homeless Life (Prod. Pitchshifters)
16. Hyenas (Prod. Jonathan Elkaer)

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4 Brothers
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