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Ne-Yo - "Beautiful Monster" (Komplex Remix) - effex - 12-23-2010

Komplex has flipped another song and this time he's tackled Ne-Yo's "Beautiful Monster". Kompo laced it with a brand new house instrumental. Check it out!

Re: Ne-Yo - "Beautiful Monster" (Komplex Remix) - BIGG Pene - 12-24-2010

checking it, merry christmas everyone

Re: Ne-Yo - "Beautiful Monster" (Komplex Remix) - effex - 12-24-2010

(12-24-2010, 08:22 PM)Aaron link Wrote:checking it, merry christmas everyone

Merry Christmas to you too bro, be safe!

Re: Ne-Yo - "Beautiful Monster" (Komplex Remix) - Ganja - 02-01-2011

I never liked this song to begin withcuz i dont like Ne-Yo new shit but i like the old tracks like So Sick but the beat 4 this is too techno for me