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Old Lyrics Location - Madman81 - 12-22-2008

Anyone looking for all the lyrics posted at the old site, they can be found through google's cache pages by searching for them.

For example:
This is Google's cache of;wap2. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Sep 23, 2008 16:49:43 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more

Text-only version
These search terms are highlighted: freeze em like a kodak 

Week 27 - Crooked I - Kill Us All


Artist: Crooked I
Song: Kill Us All
Produced by: Toxic
Appears on:


C.O.B., Circle of Bosses, Crooked I, Week 27
26 was 6 months straight, y’all think I’ma slow down huh?
Naw, I rather speed up, 27, we still doin’ it (let’s speed up)
We ain’t stoppin’, we ain’t slowin’ down either
We speedin’ up hahaha
I forgot to say Rest In Peace to my people in Utah
Couple months back in that mining accident
Keep your head up out there

Verse 1:

Yo Circle of Bosses, Cash over Bitches,
Crip or Blood, Conducting Organized Business
Controlling Our Block, Cartell of Ballers,
Cussin’ out Broads and we Crossing over Bridges
This how we do it on the mothafuckin’ Eastside
Sippin that liquor, my nigga higher than a G5
Keepin’ them automatic weapons whenever we ride
Hit em up with that C.O.B. life
Crooked trippin on Hennessey and Patron
Light em up, hit the enemy with the chrome
Julius Luciano, my nigga Kenny Siegel
Andrew Dinero, Demetrius Capone 
Jay Cee’ll give you three to the dome
Sauce the Boss, he puttin’ weed in the bong
Like cheech did with chong
And my nigga Big Style got the keys to the Beach
Better creep when it’s on
Just talked to Tray Dee on the phone
He told me Crooked get the keys to the proem
It’s your turn, take your seat on the throne
Where you belong and hold it till the G’s come home
Feels good to be a gangster MC
Boss of the West, nigga, Lord of the Underground
Everywhere I be, my Nina dip with me
Better wear a vest cause the boy don’t fuck around
Brrrt, stick ‘em, hahaha stick em
Hit em in his face, send him in the space
Brrrt stick em, the triggers are feelin’ prissoms
Cause the pistols is in my waste, put em in they place
You don’t like it, suck a mothafuckin bozzack
Brap, brap, I’m peelin your Afro back
Leave a nigga Cojak, freeze em like a Kodak
Picture get ya, shit I’m quick to hit ya
It’s the Mr. C.R. Uh Oh, Uh Oh,
If you fuck with me, you better kn uh oh, uh oh
Six feet deep is where you g uh oh, uh oh
Rest in Peace that for sh uh oh, uh oh
I’m puttin bullets in the heater,
I’m filling that millimeter to the top of the clip
Poppin’ and droppin’ a dip, I told ya
You would have to see the leader of the squeezers
For poppin’ that shit I drop in a ditch
I’m Apocalyptic, you got me twisted
When I’m out East, I’ma cock the biscuits
When I’m in the Midwest, we gone rock to this shit
In the Dirty South I’ma knock the thick bitch
Bust in a room, saw a cock and lipstick
Sucked up every last drop of liquid
She thought that I would fuck her, she was optimistic
Maybe next time that was not the business
Cause a nigga gotta go (where?)
Back to the West (yeah) packin my bag
Grabbing my mack and my vest, got a trunk full of weed
Speedin on the freeway, no I don’t need no map on the quest
Cause I know what I’m doing put a cat to the test
Gat that’ll clap send em after your chest
Two holes in your neck like I’m Dracula, yes
You asking for me, nigga you asked for the best, haha, yeah
And I see you niggas next week!

Someone ambitious could try to track down all the old lyrics.

Re: Old Lyrics Location - effex - 12-22-2008

I can't seem to get it to work.

Re: Old Lyrics Location - Madman81 - 12-22-2008

You have to be specific with what you search for and try different parts sometimes. I searched: ""if you not wearing a gun" crooked i" and the page from dynastyent came up in google. Once you get that you click on the cached page.

Title: Crooked I - Str8 Bosses
Post by: Novakane on September 28, 2007, 08:33:46 AM
Artist: Crooked I
Song: Str8 Bosses
Produced by: Jim Gittum
Appears on:


About time huh? Yeah..
I've been waiting for so long man
Just to show the whole world how the westcoast really rocks, ya know!
It's so much more than what you see on ya T.V. screen man
Me and my team (me and my team), we here to bring you something brand new (yeah!)

Verse 1:

You could see me in a Mercedes CLS, YES!,smashin the pedal
hop out,rocking them red monkey,strap with a metal (heyyy..)
beatiful chick a purse, match the staletos, like hood chiropractor, crooked back in the ghetto (heyyy...)
who you know reppin the west like me, if you not wearing a gun, you aint dressed like me
i come from the home of the fresh white Tee, bullet proof porsche doors, like im the next Ice T
i gotta stunt mama, i love to floss lady, im numba one shawty, cuz im a boss (babyyy...)
lotta of you suckas i could stop you for good, like the battery in my bimmer boy, you not in the hood
im right there, in a mosserotti,speakers playing Lodi Dodi, i be throwing up Eastside, when i see the paperazi
the neck is Mr. T, but the watch is rocky, why you think them boppas watch me,huh?
we straight bosses!


We straight bosses, we live it up
drinkin on that Hennesy when we in the club
if you a boss like me, throw some money up
chicks know we superhood, so they show us love
uh oh uh oh!

Verse 2:
All the hustlas and gangstas, rock rock on, all them playas and them d-boys, rock rock on
got a glock on, make ya block too hot to clock on, rollin a blue drop, looking for new twat to hop on
who hot?,you not, dude stop ya spot gone, niggaz on my block, only play tupac and my songs (my songs)
that cuz you need that genicade twaa, kiss yo ass goodbye, let me hear you say blaahh (haha)
harder they fall, the bigger they are,me and my click young and rich, hit the strip in 8 cars
first we saying'"heyyy", then we yellin' "hoo", like "hey" you got some"hoes", homie lets gooo..
im coo coo nuts, for boo coo puffs, runnin choo choo trains, on them foo foo sluts, you do whut
i'll shoot you up, that Tec to to, and shoot through trucks, i nuke you fucks, you do sumptin'
we straight bosses!


We straight bosses, we live it up
drinkin on that Hennesy when we in the club
if you a boss like me, throw some money up
chicks know we superhood, so they show us love
uh oh uh oh!

Verse 3:

I say hot chicks,sex those, cop whips neck froze, block shit less coast,boss clicks, already
we in the club there was this frost bit, fresh clothes clock chips, lets go, pullin up in all chevys
let me tell you how the don dotta work, you haters poppin alot of drama i gotta merk (uhh)
i brought a proper choppa, shots got us work, doctors gotta button you up like a Sean Carter shirt (hear me!)
chrome spokes on that old school cadillac,ghetto cat, matter a fact, where them trappers at?
where them jackas at?, every rapper pack a gat, last nigga with flat brap brap that was that
you got gangstas and hustals, but im a boss though, that means im gangsta,plus i hustle also
gotta get that bread before we all go, C.O.B is the click, yall know!


We straight bosses, we live it up
drinkin on that Hennesy when we in the club
if you a boss like me, throw some money up
chicks know we superhood, so they show us love
uh oh uh oh!


Yeah. Throw some money up, C.O.B circle of bosses!yeah!
we came from nothing homeboy, from the projects to paychecks, ya know?
and we still here, yeah!, we straight bosses, the eastside returns,ya know?
Longbeach gone......

Re: Old Lyrics Location - BIGG Pene - 01-16-2009

(12-22-2008, 03:07 PM)EFFeX link Wrote: I can't seem to get it to work.

can you get it to work?? I cant. all I got was

it would be great to get some other cache pages from the forum.

EDIT: AWSOME!! I got it. here is a link to all my old posts.

if you want yours just change the [site:dynastyentgroup user bigg pene] search to [site:dynastyentgroup user *yourname*] and click the cache links

Re: Old Lyrics Location - Mtape - 01-16-2009

Kk, I should check this out before I post any new ones.