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Crooked I - Big Pimpin'??? - Ganja - 05-01-2017

I was browsing DubCNN's new audio section (which ironically stops at 2008 lol) and saw this.

[Image: 102o3f7.png]

The page says it's an MP3 that was released in 2006, but it links to a defunct website.

So, does anyone know what this is/have it?

RE: Crooked I - Big Pimpin'??? - effex - 05-01-2017

This song is from the unreleased "Life After Death Row" DVD's soundtrack. As you may recall, the documentary came with an accompanying CD, but it was just a copy of "Young Boss Vol. 2". An entire soundtrack with an alternate track listing was recorded for the project, but never officially released for one reason or another.

RE: Crooked I - Big Pimpin'??? - SuperSpider - 05-03-2017

Certain people have it, but as with everything Crooked I chances are pretty slim someone's going to leak it just because.

RE: Crooked I - Big Pimpin'??? - SuperSpider - 05-08-2017

(05-07-2017, 02:46 PM)Rodger Ramrod Wrote: i uploaded it to youtube a while back. not a good song imo lol.

Lol, thanks for hooking it up, Rodger. It was indeed sub-par, but it was still good to listen to it at least once