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Request for "Ima Boss" lyrics
I dont think you guys covered this track its one of his latest freestyles n has some nice quotables so please post the lyrics thx.
It does I like this one, something like this

"Ima Boss house tucked in them hills, you done it with wack shit, boy I done it with skill, Mrs Gates, Mrs Cosby we in love with them bills, call me Jae or Meek the way im fucking with Millz."

Why didnt you do it yourself, it wasnt too complicated

niggas want me to kill 'em, if crooked i hit ya
with a couple of them shots then your homies gon die with ya
they some internet dry snitches, that'll have me stuck in the cell
lusting fine bitches on fly pictures but if i catch em when nobodys looking
the shotty beat em up like scotty took em while his mommy yelling somebody book 'em
put him under the jail, your son sleeping with the fish i put him under a well
WELL, the streets they put me under a spell
it was magic like a left hand layup right under mikel
swell im in your hood before your choppers can find me
by myself nothing but my shadow walking behind me
im a shooter, thats how the ghetto drama designed me
throwing up w's on the stage like im pack in the ninteys
i grew up under the poverty line, robbery crime
better be everywhere the gwap will be, that philosophy is mine
yeah im married to the streets, its monogamy time
my vision is coming to fruitition unless the prophecy is leing
im moving quiet as a summer breeze
i aint talking six figures when I say I gotta 100 k's and a 100 g's
they ride for me mother fucker please
take your oxygen as if niggas was cutting trees
im over seas, COB they religion, they get the tatoo
thats whats spillin thats wat the realest raps do
its biblical cover your door and lamb blood when we pass through
the thug gospel, im that dude,
Ima Boss house tucked in them hills, you done it with wack shit,
man I done it with skill, Mrs Gates, Mrs Cosby we in love with them bills,
call me Jae, call it Meek the way im fucking with Millz
you never seen me on your tv screen but i bet the block hear the engine in my gt scream
giving niggas the blues like when bb seen
with wordplay like his last name meettheking (hello)
watch the throne, i shoulda ripped otis, chicks know this
im the shit, focus on my grip so they slip into hypnosis
they know your shit bogus so my dick get dibs on which ever pair of lips closes
im high voltage im quite broke-ish, i touch you nigga take your power
im something like rogus, shady records, who stunting like those kids?
im on my third deal, its nothing like show biz
smoking mirrors you buried me alive
i wasnt in that cofin that you carried me inside
i apparently survived, you should barely be surprised
cause my character and drive was preparing me to rise
and if you thought failure was how my story go
you aint know who you fucking with, GLORY HOLE

make corrections where needed.

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