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Official KXNG CROOKED "Good Vs Evil" Album Thread (Now Available)

[Image: kxng_crooked_good_vs_evil_cover.jpg]

Quote:After much anticipation, KXNG CROOKED's new album is now available for purchase and is just in time for the presidential election. Good Vs Evil is a politically and socially driven concept album that takes listeners on a journey through an alternate reality.

KXNG CROOKED recently explained that he "took all [his] anger and disappointment in current events and transformed it into art." Crooked further elaborated through Instagram that "[He] designed an alternate reality where politicians are puppets controlled by 'The Puppet Master' and police are A.I. robots programmed to kill lower class Citizens." While this may appear to mirror current events, on Planet X the citizen create a movement and fight back.

Crooked admits that the album's subject matter could be viewed as controversial and may not be for all listeners. However, this project comes at a very important time and could be viewed as therapy for those who are frustrated with current events.

Good Vs Evil contains 14 brand new tracks including the singles Shoot Back (Dear Officer) featuring Tech N9ne as well as Welcome To Planet X featuring Eminem. Fans who are interested in purchasing a copy can show their support by visiting any digital retailer including iTunes and Amazon.

Track List

1. A Just Message (Intro) feat. Just Blaze
2. Welcome To Planet X (We're Coming For You) feat. Eminem & The Observer
3. Dem People feat. Xzibit & SAS
4. Robocop Went Pop
5. Rebel Party feat. The Observer
6. I Want To Kill You
7. CrazyPsychoLoco
8. Intergalactic Hustling feat. Boroc
9. Revolutionary Funk feat. P Funk Pavarotti
10. Shoot Back (Dear Officer) feat. Tech N9ne
11. Obey (KXNG's Speech)
12. The Oath
13. KXNG Tut
14. Puppet Master feat. RZA, KinG! & The Observer

Purchase -

iTunes -

Amazon -

Limited Edition Autographed Copies -
New info available! Check out previous post for updates!
Any track list or any info on this?
Any update on this? I heard it will feature eminem , rza ?
Update from Crooked via twitter (click the image below)
(09-13-2016, 08:28 PM)Snake Eyez link Wrote:Update from Crooked via twitter (click the image below)

Was just about to post that... Looking forward to more info on this. The song playing in the Instagram sounds like it will be a good one.
Album is set to drop on November 11th. Check out the updated first post with full track list, first single and cover art. Pre-order now!
First single is dope... no verse from Tech tho


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