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Hi everyone! Im Ivan, 19 and I come from Croatia.
Ive first heard of Crooked I when I started listening to Slaughterhouse, which was about 2-3 years ago. But during the last month Ive realized Crooked is the greatest rapper of all time, by having his hip hop weekly mixtapes on rotation for weeks, listening to the Hour 1 and Hour 2 videos on youtube with his best verses, along with his Slghtrs verses...when I listen to every new verse of his it makes my day. But I must say I havent heard a full lenth album of his or a mixtape except the Psalm one and the hip hop weeklys. Hope you guys could recommed me where to start from when listening to his catalog?
Im also a big fan of Canibus, who I consider right next to Crooked among my top rappers. Only other hip hop forum Ive been on except this one is
The main reasons Ive made an account here is to discuss and share songs, news and thoughts on hip hop, crooked i and the horseshoe gang. ok bye.
One question, is there a hip hop weekly reloaded mixtape?

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