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Official Horseshoe Gang "Mixtape Monthly Vol. 10" Thread (Now Available)
(09-14-2014, 12:21 PM)Ivan Grgona link Wrote:Im kinda new to the horseshoe gang myself, I only listened to them when featuring on crooked's songs and I must say they are one of the best lyricists ive ever heard. I listened to the 9th and 10th monthly mixtape and I have to admit guys cant really make songs, kind of like slghtrs was when they first put out their mixtape. Its kinda ironic, they're complaining that they dont have a deal when their songs are all hardcore lyrics with bad hooks. Thats the reason why most lyrical rappers have a hard time making it big in the last ten years, they concentrate on the lyrics too much and not so much on the whole song.

No one has better bars than them, BUT bars alone are not enough to get a deal, this isnt 1995. Im not talking about almost going pop like jay z did in 2000, but they need a decent song structure, a nice bridge and a chorus here and there. Guys have terrible choruses, their subject matter isnt really that broad except the struggle theme on this tape, from which you can see was heavily influenced by slghtrs's last tape. Id say slghtrs pretty much mastered making cohesive songs and all hrshshoe gang needs is a little push in the right direction by an unbiased third party. You know, like taking their girl or a friend that isnt their die-hard fan to the studio and ask: ''what do u think of this, would you add or subtract anything?''

I think a K Young feature would fit perfect with them, maybe even some girl that can sing. With all the bashing I must say that on couple of these songs they had a few decent choruses, Willow Street is my favorite. Although I really enjoy listening to their breathtaking wity rhythmic bars, I often roll my eyes while listening to the chorus, it's like...the deeper the bars, the retarded the chorus is.

It's funny cause I think they make great songs, hooks and all! Could some be better, yeah but for me personally they make some great songs with catchy hooks, but the thing is most songs from people with deals I don't find their hooks all that great, or more so a level higher.

And to be clear I'm not saying your wrong, I've heard that complaint before but I listen to Pour your Heart Out, Failure, I do Be Smoking, Been waiting to get dissed, bags by the door and I hear a catchy hook with relative lyrics, but I don't know to me all a hook is, is something semi catchy that sums the song up and transitions, basically we just hear them totally differently, to me they bridge the content together, they do make cohesive songs, they talk about the same basic topics but I'm down with that, it's what they feel and have to say

Anyway just another great example of how differently two people can hear the same music, and both be right
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