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Official KXNG CROOKED "Good Vs Evil" Album Thread (Now Available)
(11-12-2016, 06:37 PM)COBNinja link Wrote:Crooked I has killed 2016 with this fire album and Statik KXNG album and his EP.
Best rapper of 2016 as far as im concerned!
Now where is that Glass HOuse Slaughterhouse album?  There is gonna be some insane verses from crook on that album.

I think that Glasshouse might drop eventually, but it will be nothing like the original version of it. SH have already redone it twice to keep up with current events and take out some old references from what I've heard. Any Slaughterhouse material we get would be better than nothing though. And let's not forget they debuted one track a couple of months ago in front of a live audience and we still haven't got the CDQ of it yet  :-[

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