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Upcoming Projects
It has been a while since I posted anything useful here, so here's a list of the upcoming projects Crook is going to be on


1. Forever MC compilation (Album):

-TBA feat. Chino XL x RITTZ x Tech N9ne x Kxng Crooked x Dj Statik Selektah
-TBA feat. Horseshoe GANG COB x Kxng Crooked
-TBA feat. The Game x Forever MC x Kxng Crooked
-TBA feat. KOOL G RAP x Chris Rivers x Cormega x Domingo Padilla x Kxng Crooked x Whispers (It's All Good [Loyalty])
-TBA feat. Kxng Crooked x Royce 5'9" x DMX x Statik Selektah

2. Crooked I x Sloan Bone - Catharsis (Album/Mixtape). Some confirmed tracks:

- TBA - Horseshoe Gang x Sloan Bone x Crooked I
- TBA - Eminem x Sloan Bone x Crooked I
- For The Love of Money freestyle - Layzie Bone, Crooked I, Sloan Bone


1. Lil Demon x Crooked I x Goldie Loc x Tray Dee x Kokane x Glasses Malone x Mr Criminal x Chino Grande x Pops - Gangsta Guarantee (Pimp Rollin Records Presents We Are The Streets album)
2. Chris Webby ft Crooked I - TBA
3. Seldom Seen x Kxng Crooked - 2 tracks (Mixed Emotions album)

Possibly never getting released:
1. Lil Demon ft Crooked I - Old School
2. Kid Whiz (Jonny Joyce) x Crooked I - TBA  (Masterpiece? off JP Beats EP)
3. Mr Redd Dogg, Crooked I, Sarah Stokes - Step On By (Humble Beginnings EP)
4. Mr Redd Dogg x Crooked I - BYOB (Humble Beginnings EP)
5. Coniyac ft Crooked I - Ego Trippen' (Black June EP)

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