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Best Crooked I Quotables?
(01-06-2012, 12:40 AM)EFFeX link Wrote: It's been ages, since we updated the quotes on the front page. If you guys can spot some witty one liners let me know. I hear them all the time in the music, but forget to write them down. I'm also thinking of adding more than just Crook's lines. We can add them from any COB member, let me know! Thanks.

crooked I - who start wars like Martin Lawrence I'm all ears

Carats in the earrings, so big I literally can hear bling and the sounds so loud that its "ear piercing"

"Life is...Too Short" so I keep a loaded pistol. "Born to Mack" two stepping to "Blow the Whistle"(titles to Too Short albums)

You expect to be "king", when every "jack" sexin your "queen", play your "cards" right

So many punchlines in my 16's they a bar fight

Celibate twins I don't give two fucks

Give a player brain in the back of the plane she my "head coach"

They throwing "salt" on my "garlic" benz with the "pepper" seats every "season" I'm strapped

D.Capone-I live backwards, I'm evil, mother fucker believe you, me D, is lethal. Turn evil around and now if you can read you can see that I'm live, suprise I'm fend to creep. You live without the V, we don't believe you, your skill is a lie so I'm coming to reap you. 'Ey Ok F the V now that's life, nah that spells death when I posses the mic.

You got more stories than a skyscraper by the way I call them tall tales

..I'm itching to rip you a new asshole now you givin two shits!

I get more (gitmo) niggas tortured like im Guantana (Gitmo is short for Guantanamo Bay)
I am crip or blood, Im a contradiction right? Ima blood cousin, Ima super crip tonight (kryptonite)
But when I draw, men straight(menstruate) stop in other words men'll pause(menopause)
It reminds you of the ring when we burstin on the scene, it kills niggas when they see the circle on the screen

I son the ones, Im the, Father of Time (one times)

J.Luciano - Throw a punchline at you with the wingspan of Kareem Abdul Call it jab-bar (Jabbar)
Rapper slash poet, call me Will.I.Am. Shakespeare Bitches blow my head, play ceiling fan
Yall can hate on it, I play Beethoven, you get it man? - Cant hear

To talk Eve into shaking her tamareens
She asked me if was my dick was bigger than Adams please
Brought out my snake and two apples, something she hadn’t seen

damn theres 2 many 2 name...haha ill let others put more
There's a few in here:

I liked Dice's I shoot ya bitch that's how I mach your wife line but it might be a bit aggressive for the front page lol.

How about DC's cardiac or Cartier, eitherway my ticker's ice cold on the same cypher?

What you ink don't enthuse me, I don't care if you're in real estate what you speak can't move me -Kenny Siegel

Fuck the police, no justice, no peace and no piece, no justice. No snub then no sleep, might die if you close your eyes with no snub in your reach. Dice smashed that.

My gun got a silencer I call them piece and quiet - KS

Not sure about the rest C.O.B, I don't really have much apart from Crooked and HSG.

[i]Like the 6th to 7th letter I'm and F'in G[/i]
Crooked I
Love me no more:
In a Armani suit how can I truelly be bossin', when one of my only homies rocked his first suit in a coffin
A shot in the head toke my good friends memory/He don't even remember me/ even know it's his head,it fucked mine up mentally/selfish as it sounds, the got to die for what they did to me
Homicidal recital I have no idol my title is kinda vital and liable to give with no survival.

Muscle Records 1995??

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