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Crooked I To Executively Produce ConiYac's E.P.
I agree - Coniyac is really dope on the mic, so it's a pity she rarely puts anything out. Especially since that EP is supposed to have a Crooked feature on it!!

PUTSOMEMONEYONIT, can you check your PMs, you have still not replied to a message I sent you a while ago ?
Guess there's been no movement on this project?
(05-19-2015, 03:34 PM)4 link Wrote: Guess there's been no movement on this project?

I wish there was at least a release date or something. Somebody asked on twitter recently and ConiYac responded that it is coming out asap. I seriously doubt it though, that project has been dead for ages, there is no buzz for it whatsoever. Plus now that Big Tray Dee is out and dropping new material everything is probably focused on him.

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