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Slaughterhouse Album Leaks!
It's out there some son of a bitch has leaked it I hope they catch him and slaughter that cunt! Ffs im pissed off now there first album trying to save hip hop and someone leaks it!  >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad
everything leaks... seems inevitable in this age.

The real question is, are you listening to it right now? 

Agreed. This album leaked the same way every other album leaks these days. There was no preventing it.

To answer the second question, not I will not be listening to this until August 11th. This is the closest we have to a real Crooked I album right now and I want to experience it the old fashion way my first time around.
All albums are going to leak these days. I see no problem with downloading it if you're going to buy it when it drops. I do this with all albums. I'm listening to it now, and it's a classic, and you can bet your ass that I'll be buying four on August 11th.
to be real, i wanted to do the same like effex wanted to do, but i couldn´t stay on that cause i waited to long for that and fuckin germany release date is on 14th of august... :-X. Classic album in my opion, can´t wait for my cd & to meet these guys when they´re in fuckin Germany or the netherlands.
I gotta judge it harshly by saying it should've had another 3-4 real tracks (not skits).  The skits actually aren't that bad, just want as close to 80mins of music as possible. lol.

I also gotta say that the "Move On" Slaughterhouse remix and "Warriors" would've been good choices to include on the album.... will they include any bonus tracks on iTunes maybe?

As for soaking it, I've listened to it twice all the way through.  Crooked comes sick on pretty much every verse he has on the album... I'm feelin Buddens probably the least and they could've had some better beats in my opinion.  I'm not sure how i want to rate it yet tho, i gotta listen a few more times.
Fuck yall, I downloaded it, I already preordered it anyway... couldnt wait... shits hot man, not 1 wack song... the only song I never really liked is Cuckoo... classic album though, dope dope dope dope shit
#9 has a link to download the album, thats fucked
Lol why da fuck dont any tracks off B.O.S.S. Leak?

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