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Album Cover
I know that there is probably a topic somewhere that I can throw this in with but I'm sure giving it, its own topic won't bother anyone

Does anyone else think that the Simpler covers are way better then the Official one

[Image: Slaughter_house-the_one.PNG]Really this but not saying the one but I like the white version as well

[Image: SHdirtycover-500x500.jpg]

I really wish they would release it both ways so I could have it with that cover  >Sad haha

Am I the only one?
 Defective Crooked I Robot
I dunno... I like both to be honest... I think that the logo should have been incorporated some how.
The Logo should def of been included in the design but I just don't like the official one at all...maybe if it was on the back of the case (minus the word Slaughterhouse) just their pictures...I just don't like it lol, What their wearing, the poses, the lettering of Slaughterhouse

I just think the other look is a lot cleaner and the only thing missing is their faces(so people can get to know them which is why I think they chose the cover they did) which could be on the back

I guess it just hit me today when I was looking at it on Itunes and they have the white cover up and I realized that it isn't the official cover and also realized that I wouldn't want to have that album on display in the I'll want to have a copy in the plastic cause it's the first SH album but if it had the other cover I would find a place to display it on my wall
 Defective Crooked I Robot
The official one looks very "Koch'ish" aka cheap, I'm not a fan of it at all. Everyone's green but Royce is black, the text looks like some shit I would do and the overall style looks like something this dude from boxden has been doing (better) on his mixtape covers for ages.

The cover for "The One" would of been a much better choice in my opinion, just replace "The One" with "The Album".
Replacing The One with The Album woulda been hot....oh well maybe one day they will rerelease it with the good cover hahah doubts tho
 Defective Crooked I Robot
i agree with ehburner
one more question about the cover: why the fuck is joey wearing a detroit red wing hat when royce is the one from the d?
(08-07-2009, 01:05 PM)ThaHolyChronic link Wrote: one more question about the cover: why the fuck is joey wearing a detroit red wing hat when royce is the one from the d?

lol and royce is wearin a new york hat when joell is the one from ny, i think they might have grabbed the wrong hats lmao
that is an epic fail. lol

im sure the CD lable has the red and black logo.

i still wish they kept the OG lable with the skulls. liek on my MSN

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