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All those in the UK...
When do you think the SH album is gonna be released? It says 10th on Amazon and, but when you order it it says it only dispatches it on the 10th and arrives on 11th.

Im wondering because on HMV website I cant even find it. Ive bought albums in stores before on the Monday when they are supposedly released the day after, do you think the album will be in stores next monday as apposed to 11/8?

Cause if it is I dont want to wait another day for my CD! 1 day is too long when everyone is already listening to it!
Homie, on the HMV website its says it was due out on the 13th June, i think that was one of the original dates for the album and it just hasnt been updated yet  (I know it the right album because it says Koch as the distributor).  I called HMV direct and they had no other date so i'm going to call again a few days before the US release date to see what the biz is.  If worst comes to worst i'll just order it online and wait coz i downloaded the album already but can't wait to get my hands on an original fresh CD!

Yeah I saw that on the HMV website, but it also says it wont be availiable for 10 days so dont know what that is all about! Let us know if you get any answers nearer the time!

Ive ordered 1 online anyhow and if its not here on time Im gonna buy another anyway as was gonna get 2 regardless.
My guess is that it will be shipped early so that on 8/11 it will be in your mailbox
lol it will be in all stores on the 11th you won't have to wait trust me also if you have pre ordered it you will get it on the 11th!
Ive no doubt it will be in selected stores on the 11th but if theres any chance of getting it the day before I want it then! The days get longer the closer it gets!
man hmv better have it
(08-05-2009, 01:01 PM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote: man hmv better have it

Hope you have a few HMV's around your way cause you can guarantee it wont be in the first few you look in! lol
im calling up on the 10th and eleventh. but just incase in pre ordering one form
(08-05-2009, 01:01 PM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote: man hmv better have it

we have hmv in Canada too, i looked on their website under "future releases" and Slaughterhouse wasnt even on there.  hopefully they will have it...

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