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Royce Da 5'9"s Street Hop Tracklisting Revealed
I always thought that these were gonna be used on the album, when he gave interviews about the EP he suggested this would be the case.

I wish he had not done it like this cause it now means i have heard several tracks already. And also that we dont get another SH track.
The funny thing is, I think there's at least 3 previously released Royce tracks on there in addition to The Revival EP. You can really see why this album was meant to drop at the beginning of the year.
tracklist is VERY disappointing... too many songs that will be 6 months old by the time it drops, and how many tracks on here did Primo actually produce? It doesnt look like a lot?

Why is it only Buddens can release material? and a lot of material at that... when he is the least liked of all of them.. lol.

Not only was the SH album below par, but now the solo projects meant to capitalize off the SH exposure aren't lookin too good either... gotta see what Crook is going to bring on Pigface.

woaw, hold up there, SH album has below par sales, but it was not below par.

id put it up with cuban linx 2 for the best album of this year.
(09-08-2009, 01:45 PM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote: woaw, hold up there, SH album has below par sales, but it was not below par.

id put it up with cuban linx 2 for the best album of this year.

I respect everyone's opinion... and I don't intend to hate, but most of the people whom I've let listen to it or even given copies to were less than blown away. Myself included.  :-\

But thats another topic...

Hopefully Royce can confirm or dispute this tracklisting soon.  Earlier this year i was more excited for Street Hop than any of Eminem's nonsense, now i really doubt ill even buy another album again this year.  Sad
true everyone has opinions BUT I HAVE FACTS!!! Tongue (joke ;D)
I'm almost positive Royce himself said that no tracks from the Revival (leaked one NOT the ep) would be on the album.  If I had time and desire I'd try to fish that out of an interview, but I am pretty sure he said that.  If not I am very dissapointed too.  I agree with above, why is Joe the only one that can get things done right (aside from mastering)?  He needs to help his SH bretheren out!!
If HHDX posted it then I highly doubt it's fake, Royce has a pretty good relationship with them and they're not the type of website to just throw out a fake tracklisting.

Whilst it is disappointing that we will have heard so many tracks, at the same time Royce is probably trying to put out the best possible album and if that means throwing on a few old tracks then so be it. If he had new tracks that were better or as good then he probably would put them on but there's no point throwing tracks on there that aren't up to standard just to please a few online fans that are probably going to download it anyway.
Yeah at least the ones on there that we have heard are good ones
anyone seen any producer credits yet that correspond w/ the tracklist?

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