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UPDATED: Crooked I "Bosses Night Out" w/ Pictures!
(01-19-2009, 01:36 PM)Crooked I Stan link Wrote: [quote author=Episcop DOC Cvrle link=topic=10.msg1016#msg1016 date=1232385537]
[quote author=Crooked I Stan link=topic=10.msg1011#msg1011 date=1232381135]
lol ok, can somebody explain me why everybody here is hating on this 'Jay' dude??? I dont get it....

Its not hating, nobody is hating him, i dont think nobody is hating on this dude, im just dissapointed that we lost dynastyentgroup/forums (where i and many other members invested lots of my time), because he went cryng to crooked how Kay and Peter(administrators )  didnt gave him paswords to the site cause he wanted to be in charge and use the site put some adds on there wich would made site look unprofessional.


Oh ok, that clarifies a lot... he basically fucked things up?? thnx for the info lol

thing is this dude jay does a cool job cause he follows crooked , takes films and photos of shows, makes videos and stuff like that, hes good at that so he should stick to that.

anyway, bossboard is here to stay and jay cannot fuck it up
Here is the link

Or Picasa Web Galleries
(01-19-2009, 03:02 PM)wizeguyzz link Wrote: Here is the link

I merged your thread with the other one that way all the photos are in the same spot.
ok cool my bad you're the only moderator?
All the photos from the event in ONE .zip file (credit to owners):
(01-19-2009, 11:11 AM)COB..Serge link Wrote: [Image: IMG00242.jpg]

yo did you bought that obama vol.2 or did you printed that by yourself?
I'm wondering if he printed it himself too, but I did see a copy on eBay a few weeks back, so I wonder if any are any floating around.
thatz dope u got that block obama signed... he signed your patron bottle too? lol

(01-19-2009, 06:06 PM)ferhat link Wrote: [quote author=COB..Serge link=topic=10.msg1009#msg1009 date=1232377872]
[Image: IMG00242.jpg]

yo did you bought that obama vol.2 or did you printed that by yourself?

We had the only VIP Seating in the whole house so we got The Block Obama II Hard Copy.. Not Printed.. Original.. i have like 2 more..
nicee =)

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