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Extremely Limited Edition: Slaughterhouse Album Autographed
This is where I pre-ordered my copy of Street Hop from. Royce always advertises the site on twitter and talks about it so he's definitely behind it, whether or not he actually sits there and signs them all is another story but I think he does. He really doesn't seem like the type of dude to bullshit his fans like that. Plus if you pre-order Street Hop you get it a week before it hits stores Smile
Just ordered street hop from here, this site is a legit one. Not gonna get another SH album though.
I already ordered both a couple days ago.....hopefully they are legit
I'd like to order both of these, but being I already have 2 copies of the Slaughterhouse album, I dunno. I may just hold out and wait and see if I can get one signed at the next Slaughterhouse concert. I have no issue with buying a 3rd copy. If I take my other one out of the plastic because they'll sign it, I'll replace it with another to keep in plastic. I just wanna be sure I'm not buying a 3rd copy to have it just be stamped.
Has anyone received theirs yet?
(09-29-2009, 04:48 PM)BOSStonKillah link Wrote: Has anyone received theirs yet?
being shipped out next week apparently
CBA buying this there only signitures it's not like the album has new songs on it!
anyones turned up yet
I just went to order this but it now jut says "signed by Royce" Sad. I just received my autographed copy of Street Hop so I don't want another Royce autograph.

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