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Crooked I feat. Snoop Dogg - "Guess Who's Back"
(10-06-2009, 06:52 PM)alphabet link Wrote: I notice he took the Raekwon track off too. And In 2009 does he really expect to get radio/video play with a hook that goes "Guess who's back in the muthafuckin house, with a fat dick for your muthafuckin mouth"

I might be wrong, but I don't think radio play was the goal with this track, or the EP.  That's generally something saved for an actual album.  The title and cover are also not condusive to mainstream as far as that goes.  I think he is just trying to get some material out and get a little more exposure to new fans he's got recently (through SH album/tour), and hopefully tap into Snoop fans.

As far as the song.....I was not looking forward to this song at all because I don't care for Snoop (not because of Crooked).  HOWEVER, this beat begged for a Snoop verse and we didn't get one.  Crooked killed it, but Snoop on the middle verse would have made it complete....oh and Scram Jones made a banger!!

Anyone else think Cypher will be the EXACT same Cypher we already have with Royce added to it???  Love to see them use the same beat and all make new verses.  That beat was crazy!!
(10-07-2009, 03:00 AM)EFFeX link Wrote: [quote author=beagle link=topic=2515.msg262082#msg262082 date=1254896141]
not the best but defintly not the worst the thing that gets me though is.. they shouldnt release it on the net, theyre are makin a filmclip for this song so why not make the leak the filmclip instead of the song? wen i send my mates youtube video links they would get into the music alot more if they had a film clip in the background rather then just a picture of crooked i that weve all seen a thousand times b4

Why are they gonna bother doing a video and spend money Crooked probably doesn't have? It won't help with sales.

The song always leaks before the video though peak interest. I hear what your saying though, just be patient.
Liking the track first couple of spins, artwork is dope too. Thought there would be a couple more joints on there and didnt expect Woodstock on there, really wanted a new SH track.

But ill wait to hear the full EP before making any big judgement, im sure we wont be let down by this (material, not the release date!)
Meh. The lyrics won't please Crooked's fanbase and the beat and hook won't interest the mainstream. And what's the point of even having Snoop if all he's gonna do is the hook? If Boom Boom Clap and Dream Big couldn't hit it big, this song don't have a chance.
I've only listened to it once so I'm probably being overly critical, but the beat just sounds like a watered-down version of "Candy Shop". I'm not feeling the hook and just not feeling the track as a whole. Hopefully they both come with something better in the future.
Not sure why he's shooting a video for this, since it can't get on the radio or MTV/BET.

Also, the reason I was asking about "weapon waist" is because I too thought it was "weapon waste." Pig Face Weapon Waste I thought meant cops get shot on sight, clips emptied, etc. Pig Face Weapon Waist makes me think of Crooked I jumping on stage with a mask and a gun on his waist.
not bad, but I thought they'll do somethin much better
The beat is hot! Expected more from Snoop than just a hook though. Not Crooked's strongest verses either. The track is still good, just nothing extraordinary. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the album, even though I wish there were more songs. Would have liked to see the Rae joint and a different SH joint, and I hope the "Cypher" is not just the same older track revisited. But like someone said earlier in this post, we all owe it to Crook to buy some albums after all the fire he gave us for free. He might not get the attention he deserves, but he will keep me as a supporter just for being a real person and doing it for the music.
Beat's cool I guess, nothing really special though, the verses are fire as usual, the hook is kinda wack to me, snoop fell off way back, its a good thing they hooked back up though..
I like the beat, its a nice club track, the hook is just crazy haha but then again this wasnt ever gonna be aimed at getting radio play as far as i gathered!!

Pity were not getting the Raekwon track and no new Slaughterhouse track but in fairness Hoodstock is a banger!

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