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Slaughterhouse "Microphone" Video - Updates & Media
October 15, 2009, 06:22:08 PM » 


UPDATED: 11-14-09

This is a update thread for any updates, information or photos from Slaughterhouse's video shoot for their latest single "Microphone". In case you are not aware, the video is directed by John Colombo and is said to be geared towards MTV2 & MTV Jams.

*The video SHOULD be airing on an MTV network THIS Monday, I'll do my best to get a final confirmation.*

this was posted october 15th. and updated the fourtenth  of the eleventh, it hasnt come threw,, i love crooked i wouldnt know about slaughterhouse if it wasnt for him, but im starting to wonder., is he cursed? maybe we all are one eyed, and think his the best, nething he jumps on that has a realease date gets a well i dont know when its comin? is he a failure or does he not beleive in him self? real talk crook
They need to edit that video but they dont need to edit those fuckin retarded shows they air. Fuckin MTV
(11-20-2009, 02:40 AM)beagle link Wrote: is he cursed?

Hell naa, if he was do you think anyone would think he is worthy of top 10 list?
The only reason that the video didn't air yet is because MTV didn't approve some of the language that was left in the song such as "crack cocaine", etc. The final edit is being submitted and should be airing soon.

Sit tight everyone. You don't just upload a video to MTV like you do on YouTube, there is a long process before approval.

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