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Slaughterhouse KOD Tour
[Image: 1014092022.jpg]

well they were here in spokane WA on october 13 and the rocked the place the majority were tech fans but when slaughterhouse came on it

was ill the only member missing was joell ortiz becuase apparantly he had a death in the family so shout out to him but it was still live and i

got me a tee to match mytatoo i was too far back for any pics but i did get to chop it up with them after the show and crook said he spotted my tatto from the stage

and they all filmed me and the tattoo and i got some hand shakes all in all it was one hell of a show.
Right on man, glad you enjoyed the show! I will be rockin that same tee tomorrow (got it at the first show in August) up in Portland, and hope to find some of those COB shirts to cop!

The old lady misplaced our camera a while back so I didn't get any pics or video at the first show, but I'm taking that bitch with me tomorrow (the camera, that is).  Big Grin  If I can figure out how, I will upload some for ya'll to check out over the weekend.

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