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Joe Budden, Nicki Minaj, Buckshot & Crown Royyal - "BET Cypher" (Video)
(10-29-2009, 09:55 AM)PublicEnemyNo2 link Wrote:[quote author=shaffaaf27 link=topic=2623.msg262875#msg262875 date=1256754609]

eminem's one took the show

When he is being serious and doesnt rap with that stupid accent he is nearly untouchable.

Which begs the question why he uses the accent in the first place. Cause everytime he's around legends or wants to impress he leaves it behind, so he cant think its that cool.

Yeah I wish he'd just drop it too.  almost like he does it to taunt fans, and piss off people that buy his albums.  He did do great in this cypher though.  The other guys couldn't touch him or Joe
Apparently Em has been on the phone to Joey saying how good he thought his verse was.

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