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Slaughterhouse - "Microphone" (Music Video)

Quote:That's right, the moment that everyone has been waiting on has finally arrived. Slaughterhouse's highly anticipated music video to their song Microphone has surfaced on the Internet.

As everyone knows, Slaughterhouse was granted the opportunity to film the second video from their critically acclaimed album while on Tech N9ne's K.O.D. Tour. The four-headed monster linked up with the highly talented John Colombo in Tucson, Arizona to film the video to their opus Microphone. While behind the scenes video footage and photographs were released in the weeks leading up to the video's premiere, it is safe to say that none of material granted Microphone the justice it deserves. There should be no doubt that this production has exceeded fan's expectations. Colombo has put together a truly classic music video for one of Slaughterhouse's most respected songs. We encourage everyone to use the media player included below to check out this music video in full.

Slaughterhouse Microphone video is expected to have an official premiere on the MTV networks, but a final release date has not yet been announced. Please stay tuned for further information regarding the video's airing date. In the mean time, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further Slaughterhouse updates.


real nice, we waited for a long while and her it is
<3 the song, not so much the video.

NOTHING wrong with how they took part ont he video, im just not impressed by the editing.

firstly too many flashes going on. secondly, crooked i starts rapping and he is no where to be seen, 3rdly at the end when they each saw a microphone line, IMO, it shoudl have cut to their faces saying that line.
Apparently John Colombo will be releasing a dirty / director's cut version in the near future.
its ok video not worth all the hype though!
great video!
(11-22-2009, 01:22 AM)EFFeX link Wrote:Apparently John Colombo will be releasing a dirty / director's cut version in the near future.

great. cant wait. dope video!
I'm really feeling the video, dope concept!! Maybe this will push the album a little more and sell a few more copies out there
Great video, looking forward to seeing the original Directors Cut version though!!

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