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How Many Death Row Songs You Got?
(01-14-2011, 11:14 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:[quote author=JohnnyL link=topic=2770.msg282250#msg282250 date=1295061095]
[quote author=EFFeX link=topic=2770.msg282248#msg282248 date=1295060090]
[quote author=JohnnyL link=topic=2770.msg282246#msg282246 date=1295058741]
[quote author=EFFeX link=topic=2770.msg282245#msg282245 date=1295057171]
I have to be real, Gangsta Girl made it so I can't even play that song, lol...

Not a big fan, either.  I like the version of "I'm So Crooked" that doesn't have her on it so much more than the one that does.

LoL, the funny thing is I actually like that version cause it's more "complete". Strange, yeah, I now, ha ha. Both versions are on point though. Love the song either way.

(01-14-2011, 10:34 PM)Aaron link Wrote:lol yea i just zone out and when I hear Crook's verse I start listening to it. Anything else I missed?

I know we dont share retail/unreleased stuff but as a fan forum would be nice to know exactly whats out there already. Is it not listed in the projects section??

I just brought a 1 tb external h/d so Im starting to organize all my crooked songs. such a big job, I really wanna have a spreadsheet with producer, album, features, year ect.

I'll have to update that projects section. What I ended up doing a while back was removing references to stuff that hasn't been publicly leaked. Now that so much is out there these days, we'll have to update it.

Yeah.  I think you're right that the version with her on it is probably the more complete version.  It's just that when I first saw her listed as being featured on the track, I didn't even know who she was.  I figured she must have an actual verse on the song.  But after hearing that version the track for the first time, I had already gotten used to the "FTP version", and when I heard her on there all she really does is adlibs/extra vocals.  She doesn't really contribute much to the track.
  The sound quality on that version probably is better though, because I have a feeling the "FTP version" was an incomplete track.

You know what the funny thing is about FTP... Looking back, they might have a better discography than Wide Awake, lmao.

Yeah.  You could definitely make that case.  If you look at all the projects they put out, they dropped cds for:

Petey Pablo
J Flexx
Tha Realest
Dogg Pound
Above the Law
Crooked I
Top Dogg

  For the most part, the only problem I had with them is that some of those projects were kind of pricey. 
  Wideawake has them beat when it comes to the amount of money you have to pay for each album.  But I'm not sure they beat them when it comes to sound quality.  And I'm also not sure that Wideawake is going to be willing to put out projects from as many different artists as FTP was. 
  I'm interested to see what else Wideawake plans to release, but at least at this point, I'm not sure you could say they've done as good a job as FTP.  If it wasn't for "The Chronic: Re-Lit," I doubt you could even say that they've made as much money as FTP. lol

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