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Scram Jones, Crooked I, Nino Bless & Saigon - "Third Degree" (Music Video)

Quote:Back in 2008, the emcee and super-producer Scram Jones released an epic collaboration alongside a few of Hip Hop's greatest up-and-coming talents. Nearly two year later, Scram has finally released the highly anticipated music video to his song Third Degree.

While fans were not expecting a video for Third Degree to ever surface, it is most definitely a welcome surprise. As Scram Jones prepares to release his album Beast Music in 2010, it was only fitting that a video for this song was filmed. In the event that you have never heard the track, it's monumental features include Crooked I, Saigon and Nino Bless. Scram decided to reach out to director John Colombo to film this monster of a record's music video. The video's imagery matches the song's dark and destructive tone perfectly. Additionally, Colombo allowed each emcee to perform in their own setting to better illustrate their rhyme style and personality. The ending result is a production that is sure to blow fans away. Make certain to check out the music video by using the media player which is embedded below.

Be sure to check out additional work from director John Colombo including his recent video for Slaughterhouse's Microphone and upcoming project My Life by Nino Bless. In the mean time, please keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further news updates.


Director John Colombo just announced that the video should be dropping this week. Be on the look out for that!
This song is soooo sick!! I love Crookeds verse, can't wait to see the video
Cant wait to see the video, should be some good stuff
This Wednesday, be on the look out!
Nino just showed the video

Shit was dope
(12-08-2009, 04:59 AM)CEO254 link Wrote:Nino just showed the video

Shit was dope


Can't believe I missed that.
Nino asked about you and sg

Dude said "Where the fuck is Effex and SG"

Then he said fuck it and showed the vid
(12-08-2009, 05:13 AM)CEO254 link Wrote:Nino asked about you and sg

Dude said "Where the fuck is Effex and SG"

Then he said fuck it and showed the vid

We were just sitting around doing nothing, I just hadn't checked Twitter or my e-mail so I missed the stream. That sucks... Ahh well, he said it should be dropping Wed.
The videos out now..

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