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Joell Ortiz & Cory Gunz In The Studio (Video)
Writing and recordin 'Line 'Em Up' off the Free Agent album

Should be pretty sick. I wont lie, I think Cory Gunz can be annoying, but nobody can deny his skills for wordplay. They both write crazy, so it should be a sick collabo.
it is a sick collabo, its out now already and judging from the press realese for the free agent this is not gonna be on there cuz c gunz in not listed as a feature.
Sick collabo. Cory should collaborate w/ crooked or hsg for real. Damn Joell's manager is funny, nigga got me crackin up Big Grin
I really hope this collab makes the album, sounds sick! That 2nd beat is hard! I hope they use that one
Yeah this track is out now. They used the third beat it goes hard. I just got this joell ortiz mixtape jackin for beats its nice theres like 46 cuts on it  all pretty new flows too except a couple ive heard before

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