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Crooked I feat. Kunta Kenzino - "On To The Next Shit (Freestyle)"
ahha wow he raped shit on this
Don't like the beat much but he murdered it lyrically.
like that shit , crooked goes harder and harder.
Dope as fuck
damn nice to have some dope freestyles for 2010 already. the rap game is kinda dry right now

and kunta had me laughing sooooo MUCH!

still he murked the actual free style
One of his best in a while.
Am i the only one who thinks Crooked kinda came wack with this whole thing?? He's online threatening Benzino, telling him that if he doesnt squash the beef hes basically gonna be "Fucked up" Benzino replies and doesnt squash and then Crooked says we leavin it alone. I'm not saying beef is good and i definetly dont want someone dead but why is he gonna try to be all gangsta in a video and threated Benzino and then just ignore it...thats some fake shit in my eyes, completely against what Crook usually states about being real and keeping your word.
In the video, crooked says there is no beef.  He didn't believe himself that there was a REAL beef, since he said that if there was a real beef, shit would get real, and i believe him.  Besides, can you really take benzino seriously?  I think he found benzino more comical than serious or threatening.  Royce clowned him and crooked just laughed it off a bit.  Now that i think about it, i don't really think there is a beef anyway.  I think benzino bit off more than he could chew, but royce and crooked don't feel like finishing him off.  More like toying with him, since crooked hasn't threatened him.  The royce thing is different, but still, it was way more comical than threatening.
In Crooked's video to Benzino, I got the vibe that beef was something that he was trying to avoid. I think he wanted to dead the whole situation right then and there, but at the same time sent out the message that if Zino does bring it to another level, Crooked will too. However, it's like I said, I think that these are minor shots in the bigger picture and it just seems that Crooked doesn't want to concern himself with this situation and personally I don't blame him. Zino wants promotion, don't give it to him.

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