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Official "Million Dollar Story" Album Discussion Thread (Coming Soon)
Official "Million Dollar Story" Album Discussion Thread

UPDATED: 07/20/11

Sutt Sutt!

It has been quite a long time since I made a major update to this thread, so it was only right to revise this post by discussing the album's current status.

Crooked I's debut album "Million Dollar Story", which is set to be released through eOne and Treacherous Records is in it's final stages. Although a final release date has yet to be announced, realistically we are looking at a late Summer or early Fall release date. As of recently, Crooked I and the Circle of Bosses have began narrowing down the album's track list and mixing down the selected content. Although a rough track list leaked to the Internet earlier this year, it is safe to say that several changes have been made. While all guest appearances have yet to be announced, fans can expect features by Horseshoe Gang, Slaughterhouse, Twista, Jay Rock, Mistah Fab, K-Young, Paul Kim and several others. Producers that are confirmed for the project include Streetrunner, DJ Khalil, Mr. Porter and Rick Rock.

The album's lead single "Everyday", which is produced by Streetrunner, has been picking up heat throughout the Internet and it's official music video has already grabbed the attention of MTV Jams. Further promotional singles for the project includes the album's title track, which has an accompanying music video circulating through the Internet as well. In the coming weeks, Crooked I will release the album's third music video "Drum Murder" which features an appearance by his brothers the Horseshoe Gang. A rumored fourth music video for Crooked I's highly anticipated song "Pocket Full Of Money" has yet to be officially announced at this time.

Fans who are interested in supporting the project right now can pick up the "Million Dollar Story" digital EP which is currently available for purchase through digital retailers. In the mean time, please keep checking this thread for further updates! #COB

Everyday (Official Single) -

Everyday (Music Video) -

Million Dollar Story (Music Video) -
I hope he signs a one-off deal like Royce did for Street Hop. We need his stuff in stores as much as possible.

Also, I'm still hoping to hear some sales numbers for PFWW (lol).
so this is an album or mixtape? I've been away for almost 4 weeks now. How did this came about? wasnt he supposed to drop this pigface album or whatever that was.
He's got 4 months working on it which is good and seen as hes dropping lots of freestyles lately looks like the album coming along well lol. He needs to collaborate with someone in the mainstream for at least 1 song on the album! And a good choice would be 'The Game' seen as he has contact with im as well.
(01-06-2010, 01:43 PM)Novakane link Wrote:so this is an album or mixtape? I've been away for almost 4 weeks now. How did this came about? wasnt he supposed to drop this pigface album or whatever that was.

This is a full album, he has canceled plans to release the "Mr. Pig Face Weapon Waist LP". I have not confirmed this, but I can only assume that some of the material that would have surfaced on that project has been transferred to this album. However, he has been working hard at "Million Dollar Story" material and from reading between the lines it's going to be somewhat of a concept album.
Crooked I and Jean Grae...real shit!  Got mad respect for her as an artist, she's dope.

Crooked has to come with at least 10 tracks of pure variety and quality.  Pig Face Weapon Waist was fire for an intro and 3 tracks, the other 4 tracks were either average or old and heard. Same with The Block Obama EP there were some excellent tracks and there were some average ones.  This has to be an all out quality release, like Young Boss Vol. II.  Young Boss Vol. II was fire from start to finish!

Just my opinion C.O.B's.  8)
I just hope this actually comes out; no more set backs, no more delays, no more bullshit, period.
Shit all i say about this he needs to drop an fuckin retail album this year and yeah drop im still an mc og,boss& a gangsta,gangstas cry,poke it out and that song with kobe.
Why do you wanna hear i'm still an mc OG so bad (if there is 1) we have already heard the lyrics and the beat ain't gonna make the song any better! That song is no where near good enough for what we expect from B.O.S.S
need more grouptherapy style shit

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