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Benzino hiphopdx article

haha. I'm actually looking forward to the 2 slaughterhouse dissed he is going to release so slaughterhouse can go in on him.. Kunto kenzino is an idiot
lol im not even gonna read that shit, what is there to know anyway? hi im benzino, im a complete nobody and the only reason anyone knows my name is cuz eminem killed me, oh and now im back to get SLAUGHTERED!!!!wow what a dumbass, lol
read the comments, classic
what a fagit. lol
When did Crooked ever say Lil' Wayne is over-rated? Not in any of the interviews I've read or heard, and I check them all out. If anything, Crooked always shows love to Wayne, and even said he's one of his favorite MC's.

Benzino doesn't know shit about shit. Fuckin' old head.
In all honestness....this guy is a joke and needs to be put in his place but I'm excited for this. We finally get to see Slaughterhouse thrown into a rap beef with new music waiting to be released. This is great publicity for them. The guy is annoying as hell but a blessing in disguise because this is only going to serve as publicity for Slaughterhouse as they (hopefully they respond) wreck this guy.
Why did HHDX waste their bandwith on this idiot? How can anyone respect someone who claims to be part of hip-hop who thinks Eminem is whack and SH is overrated?

Can't believe Kayslay played his shit on Hot97. He must've gotten tired of waiting for Papoose's album to drop.

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