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Crooked I & Freeway
these 2 in a track together, what do u think??
Crooked I - Big Spender feat. Freeway & Jay Z

This is the Boss Blendz version
Not a big fan of Freeway's music, but I think he's a good dude, so I wouldn't be opposed to it
there would be no point, freeway is not lyrical at all and crook is among the best in that regard. in the best case crook would raise frees skill but more likely crook would lower his ablility to be better suited for the song.
Never really listened to idk whether this would be dope, i would just rather hear Slaughterhouse. haha
I started listening to his old stuff recently and I heard Ja Rule, and they were both talking about Death Row and Murder, Inc. running shit.

That was good for a laugh.
Crook would probably kill Free in his own music.
freeway sucks

Crook and Locksmith, now that would be a good collabo

Also, Crook and Mitchy Slick

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