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Crooked I "You Need A Blessing" Sample?
I know we discussed this years back on the D.O.C., but does anyone remember the sample?

EDIT: N/m, I'm slow... LOL!

Next question...

"All I Ever Wanted" sample?
(02-15-2010, 08:09 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:OK...

Next question...

"All I Ever Wanted" sample?

Solomon Burke - Flesh and Blood

One of the best samples crooked has used and one of his best songs. He should sample more classic music like this.
Good call!

Now... This one is a little harder (at least in my opinion), anyone know where "Home" came from?
Alright everyone, let's keep this find the sample mission going, LOL

"U Shoulda Made A Phone Call"... what does it sample?

I might have to harass Freq for the answer.
Good post Effex, good to know which music Crook is sampling.
lol wot does this sample shit mean? p.s i wanna sample of gangstas cry ohh okay i understand now jus cheked those links , fkn isnt anything original these days?? but can i still grab a snippet of gangstas cry if neone got it
$50 and ill send you a 2 sec snippet lol jks
(02-17-2010, 05:22 AM)Aaron link Wrote:$50 and ill send you a 2 sec snippet lol jks

if your from australia i can give it to you on a poker site Big Grin

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