Poll: Which project are you most looking forward to?
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Joell Ortiz - Free Agent
15 60.00%
Joe Budden - The Great Escape
10 40.00%
Total 25 vote(s) 100%
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'Free Agent' or 'The Great Escape'
I Personally am looking forward to Great Escape more but hyping both alot
free agent i dont like joe budden!
joell anyday!
I can't even decide but if Great Escape is better than Escape Route like Budden has said... That has to be like one of the best albums in a loooooong as time.
Definetly The Great Escape, Joe always comes with deep, good music. While it looks like Joells album is gonna be purely guest features, im looking forward to Free Agent, just not nearly as much as Great Escape
wen i first seen this i voted for joell but then i read your comments and if joells is gonna have heaps of features i am probably gonna lean more towards buddens
I'm going to have to go with The Great Escape on this on but I am looking forward to Free Agent as well
I cant wait for both, but Id say Great Escape, just because Joe has proved he can make superb songs on a consistant basis. Love Joell too, but im expecting a lot on Great Escape.
Currently I'm waiting for The Great Escape more, but since I don't see either dropping before april, I see Free Agent having more tracks I can bump on the beach.

Can't I say Bar Exam 3, since Royce's promised it's out 13.3?
Joey of course, though I am looking forward to both.

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