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Crooked I Performance In Portland, Oregon @ "Berbati's Pan" (03/24)

[Image: 2crvbqq.jpg]

Quote:Although Crooked I just finished performing at the highly publicized 2 Pac Tribute Concert in Long Beach, The Boss of the West is already planning his next show in Portland, Oregon.

On March 24th, Portland fans can expect to see Crooked I live on stage at Berbati's Pan & Restaurant. The show, which is presented by S.M.R. Promotions LLC and Syndicate Mobb Records, will feature additional performances by artists such as Portland George, Lynx Montana, Roulette Delgato, Yung Mil, G.M.E. and more. Tickets are now available and will cost cost fans a mere twenty dollars. Please make certain to reserve your spot by visiting the link included below.

Additionally, Crooked I will be performing at Sounds of Brazil in New York City on March 9th and Tommy's Lounge in Providence, Rhode Island on March 13th. Please visit our forum or news archives for further information. In the mean time, please keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for future updates.

Just used some gratefully stored savings to grab a train ticket to Portland, after picking up my ticket for the show through the venue's website. Making a vacation out of this one. You got Cali support Crooked, coming up from the West Coast! COB... taking over.
I just got my ticket, cant pass up the chance to see crook even if it is a 6 hour drive. The Blazers 8) play mavericks the next night so im gunna make a trip out of it. If anyother board members are gunna be at the show get at me and let me know.
Portland heads, don't forget!
Me and all my friends will be there. this will be my third crooked concert and I'm just as excited as the first one. I hope there's gonna be COB t-shirts for sale I wanna cop 3 of those bitches. I hope to see fellow bossboard members there and welcome y'all to portland.
P TOWN here comes the C.O.B!!!!!!!! 8)
Just rolled into Portland, chillin' with my big homie Kyle Talley the Monsta, counting down the hours until Crook grips the mic. Hopefully we will have the honor of being blessed with some Horseshoe Gang cyphers in addition to the always inthralling Crooked catalog! Any Portland Hip-Hop heads making their way to this headlining event better be ready for some of that LBC flava! Hope to see some Boss Board fam members showin' support, peace to all... LATE.
Portland COBs, please try to obtain some photos and video if possible, we'd all appreciate it!

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