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Slaughterhouse Cypher (Video)
Thanks for this.

I think that's the first time I ever heard Crooked actually freestyling in between his normal on the spot appearance stuff like the Kite. He came off good.

Slaughterhouse peeps look like they are getting along well which is a good sign. It' nice to hear Royce, who flows like no one currently rapping give Crooked props like that. I still think 2007 was Crookeds best year with the HHW stuff, although it finished in 2008 it was 2007 for me where he really made people stand up and take notice.

Crooked was wasted there as well!
Damn wanna hear more of that beat.

Royce and Crooked seem to be pretty tight together.
hahah this shit was funny, crooked was mad drunk. yo someones gotta find that beat!!!
(01-29-2009, 08:47 PM)Gfunkking link Wrote: yo someones gotta find that beat!!!

I hope to god they are all recording over this!!!!!!!
Joell Ortiz & Crooked I spit some bars for the latest installment of Royce's ImNaShitFoolTV

This shit hot, Joell was nice on that....Crooked too drunk to come up with something new lol
gotta hand it to em sounds so good considerin they just drunk n kickin it with sum mates n then start spittting like that, i wish i ccould do that
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I'm not sure if this video is here or not, or if any has seen it....i haven't, I found this inside the allhiphop video of Slaughterhouse.
Yup we got this one already homie, gonna move and merge it.

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