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Slaughterhouse Cypher (Video)
how old is Crooked looking in this video???? Man, with that beard he easily looks like he's in his forties. Well, he's at least 33, so I guess that's expected with a beard. I don't want to start a Crooked age discussion again lol, but I'm just saying he looks old as fuck in this video.

Did anyone else notice that?
Yeah Crooked getting up there, but it's like you said he's early 30s. Shit, I'm 25 though, 30s is coming sooner and sooner each day.
Hip-hop is all about the young. Crooked being in his 30s and his debut album is still "coming soon", makes me doubt that he will never get to superstardom. To be honest, I get the feeling he doesn't want to be a star and have the attention. He seems rather content on where he is.

Most hip-hop fans still don't know who Crooked I is. However, more people than ever know he is now thanks to his releases over the past 2 years.

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