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Slaughterhouse VS E1 VS Amalgam Digital
New Tweets from Ortiz... sounds pretty bad. Opinions?

Quote:My team paid for 90% of my videos. We dont allow e1 to use shit they dont pay for.

Quote:little known fact-E1 also jamming me up from doing a major, major deal as part of Slaughterhouse. so they aint getting FREEAGENT

Quote:E1 is fucking cockblocking us from doing something monumental for our fans and our careers. I dont give a fuck who gets mad. its the truth

Quote:im sick of the behind the scenes politics. Its time to expose certain bloodsuckers to some light. enough is enough.

Quote:E1 steady telling me I suck cause I dont make DJ Khaled music at the same time they try to block me from eating elsewhere.

Quote:@AlCaponeJBTV yes but they got me jammed up for another album so they saying I cant record as part of the collective anywhere else

Quote:this week, I go in. Mark my words. E1 holding good brothers up cause of my agreement. its not fair to Slaughterhouse

Quote:It's all bullshit. they told me it would be cool to do whatever if we gave em Slaughterhouse album. they slept on slaughterhouse movement.

Ughhhhh fuck industry politics. Why can't they just let them do their own thing.
We'll see what happens after this. And ohyeah, Fuck E1!
Joell is basically confirming that E1 is blocking the shady deal. Fukc
Definitely a shocking turn of events.
Another one...

Quote:to be fair, e1 is not the only people blocking theres another bozo involved. one

Although some may not agree, I think that Ortiz actually did the right thing by speaking openly on the matter.

I know that it may not be the best move business wise and could cause some tension, but I think he felt he had to do this as a man.
(03-21-2010, 06:23 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:Definitely a shocking turn of events.

Yea because I'm not even sure if this helps them. But like I said, we'll see.
Yea Joell is definitely keepin it real
wow this is fucked. Does anyone know what the implications would be if Joell just left E1 or can he not do that...(i don't really know how that stuff really works lol)
Can't shady just buy out their contracts with E1?

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