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Swagga Like Crook
2 66.67%
Swagga Like Us
1 33.33%
Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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"Swagga Like Crook" VS "Swagga Like Us *Verse*"
So, I'm listening to old Crooked tonight and it had me wondering which one of these tracks people like better.

There's "Swagga Like Crook" which Komplex produced on the Block Obama mixtape. There is also the "Swagga Like Us" verse that Crooked released as an acapella. Of course, I had to go back and put it on the real instrumental on the "After Inauguration" mixtape to fully enjoy it.

So, which one were you feeling more?

Swagga Like Crook:

Swagga Like Us (EFX Mix):
I'd have to say Swagga Like Crook is my fav out of the 2

I cant really explain why though
I gotta say swagga like us, he killed it
U mixed it, u did a great job

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