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Official Crooked I Videos Thread
What it do? I wanted to start a collection of Crooked I videos available on the net. Whether these are music videos, interviews or performances, feel free to post them here. I'll update the thread as necessary.

Music Videos:

Sly Boogy feat. Crooked I - California:

Crooked I - Still Tha Row:

Crooked I - Boom Boom Clap:

Crooked I - This Is How We Do This:

Syndicate Villian feat. Crooked I - Greedy Eyes:


Jimmy Kimmel Show Freestyle:

Wake Up Show Interview/Grinding Freestyle:

Wake Up Show w/ The Avila Brothers:

Wake Up Show w/ The Avila Brothers pt 2:

Hip Hop Weekly Finale w/ DJ Skee:

Rock Me TV / Crooked I & Charles Hamilton Freestyle:

Wake Up Show Top 20 Invitational:

XXL Westside Story:


Hard Knock TV Pt. 1:

Hard Knock TV Pt. 2:

Hard Knock TV Pt. 3:


Crooked I & Damani:
New West TV Episode 1 - Freestyle (Crooked-I vs. Jay-Z).avi
Crooked I speaks on K. Young album and colaboration.

Bank Brothers Trailor

EDIT: Props Chewee!
^^ check them links bro Big Grin
Smoothvega - "Not What You Think" - feat. Crooked I, Royce Da 5'9'' & Sinful
Crooked I and Charles Hamilton Freestyle Roundtable
Crooked I @ Chop Suey Seattle Jul 5th 08

Crooked I on the Wake Up Show (Interview & Freestyle)

Crooked I vs Hip-Hop Cops

Real Talk With Crooked I

Rumble Pakk Television Crooked I *Exculsive*

Crooked I Interview with Ramen Revolution

Dj Nik Bean & Crooked I Video Blog

Crooked I, Juice, X.O., Balance "NEW WEST" Soulja Boy Diss (Official Video)

HoodNews: Crook I talks RAP GAME


Crooked I on KUBE 93's Sound Session

Crooked I shouts out The Audacity of Dope

Crooked I at the Roundtable on RockMeTV

Crooked-I Interview at LRG / XXL Party

Crooked I on Alicia Keys

Crooked I - Street Certified

Crooked I - Live @ Club Zelda


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