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Slaughterhouse Performs At Paid Dues Festival (03/28/09)
Photos from

[Image: paid-dues-2009-074.jpg]
[Image: paid-dues-2009-064.jpg]
[Image: paid-dues-2009-062.jpg]
[Image: paid-dues-2009-037.jpg]
[Image: paid-dues-2009-034.jpg]
[Image: paid-dues-2009-013.jpg]
did crook do any solos?
Must've have been a great show.  Hopefully someone streamed the whole thing.
Quote: link=topic=326.msg253666#msg253666 date=1238367611]
did crook do any solos?

He performed "I'm Still A MC" and his "Gangsta Gumbo" freestyle.
any vids?
Quote: link=topic=326.msg253671#msg253671 date=1238375361]
any vids?

Only one I can find right now...
(03-29-2009, 01:56 PM)rebel.AL link Wrote: [Image: 23582189.jpg]

Damn, I never realized how big this event was.

JBTV said people were booing when they were performing.

I think most of the people there were Tech N9ne fans, he has a massive following.
looks like amazing show, lets hope we will be able to witness this once. propz
L.A. Times review..

Meanwhile, Slaughterhouse -- a rap super-group composed of major-label refugees Joe Buddens, Royce Da' 5'9," Joell Ortiz and Crooked I -- made its West Coast debut, donning butcher's aprons, prison jumpsuits and splashing red-colored liquid on the crowd. Displaying a rowdy and raw energy worthy of Onyx or early Wu-Tang, the set was technically flawless and surprisingly well-rehearsed -- a performance providing an immediacy often lacking in the sub-genre, with each performer rapping as though he carried daggers in his teeth.

Can't wait to see some decent footage of their performance
Few more photos...
[Image: img][img]]

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