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XXL: Slaughterhouse Fantastic Four
(02-05-2009, 10:56 PM)Carter link Wrote: [quote author=ITS OFFICIAL link=topic=327.msg1836#msg1836 date=1233847167]
Honestly, I don't bother going to any of the other subforums besides this one.  I usually just look on the first page (sometimes the second) and click the threads that I think might interest me.

I could be wrong but I think if there's too many subforums, they won't get much action.

well  put.  imo since we are still a small community,  4 boards should it be. 

C.O.B. Board- Anything topics related to crooked I,hsg,one2, slaughterhouse. Just anything that has something to do with crook.

Media Board- All Lyrics, interviews, downloadables,requests

General/Music Board- All other genres of music and anything else people want to talk about.

Help Board- As for help.

thats just my take on that whole thing.

See, that was the way I kind of envisioned it, but I DID want Crook and HSG separate. However, it seems that people really wanted a Slaughterhouse board, so I put one up for now. It may change, who knows? More input is needed!
at least this part of the forum is going to get updateed!!!! theirs no news on crookeds board of this site, cause basically him sayin boss is coming 09 sounds so familiar to something i heard in 08,07,06

least the news on this board is goin to be up to date thanks alot effex!!!!!!!!!!!!

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