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Slaughterhouse Performance With Nas In Detroit!
(02-07-2009, 03:25 PM)EFFeX link Wrote: [quote author=Rodger Ramrod link=topic=330.msg1918#msg1918 date=1234034554]
^^ DOPE!

damn crook needs to practice his slaughterhouse verse

It's like he doesn't like it enough to remember it, LOL. Dude got so many lyrics though, I can't imagine how he manages them in his head.

didnt seem like he had forggoten his verse he was just tryna to let the other dudes finish of a line like joell ortizz was havin done on his verse i just think crooked spits so quick they cldnt keep up lol COME TO AUSTRALIA SLAUGHTERHOUSE PLEASE!!!
I think without Nino on the track it throws it off a little too...
anyone that went to the show know if they whipped out any new slaughterhouse songs?

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