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these are 4 talented guys do you think they may have already recorded the album?
went on a brief hiatus, had to go work on new music, (i know, the nerve of me)...

thats what it says under the latest video on do you think the new music he was working on could be slaughterhouse related?

What ever happened to Dynasty TV?
dynasty tv? never heard of it? if it wasnt for joebudden/slaughterhouse really think about this. crooked would have been of the map n we would of had no news about him for about 2 months.
Last I heard, they had done like 4 or 5 tracks.  But from what I understood they have not started the album.  The plan WAS (always subject to change), for them to meet up somewhere for like 3 weeks and record the whole album.  With video footage from the studio and everything.  I believe the tracks they already recorded are more for promo than anything.
oh ok thanks academic

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