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Horseshoe feat. Horse Shoe G.A.N.G.
Horseshoe Lyrics Royce da 5’9” Feat. Horse Shoe G.A.N.G.

[Kenny Siegal]
Lets get this lyrical murdering underway
Put these niggas way
under no delay
Undele make these niggas lay
Under dirt, the undertaker is taking over
No wonder they gettin ate by the eighth wonder
What you say is sorry like apologies
My poisonous bars got toxicologists analyzing my anthologies
Cant harm me, why pop at me
Its like I got heredity sensory autonomic neuropathy
Why box with me, harder to hit than the lottery
Why bother me, kill cats like curiosity
We enter the place and niggas shake like naked strippers
They hate these niggas cuz we makin figures like pottery
Yall upset me like a nun whos mad
I'm deadly with my one-two jab
I can punch through gun-proof glass, kill shit when I rap
Conrad Murray, I’m responsible for this mic’s death

[Julius Luciano]
Allow me to put in perspective, check it
That was Bar Exam One, allow me to quote from the Second
Nigga there’s gotta be, nobody as hot as me
Gotta drag your heart, boy I'm so Sean Connery
The four-five pop give your whole squad a lobotomy
My snub nose in the air, chrome shottie gotta be
Conceited, bring life with rhymes I’m creatin
Bust hard on the track before it stop ovulatin
You say you sick, come see me, the rhyme doctor’s waiting
My occupation is to off my patients, its not augmentation
When I put somethin in your chest
And yep, tools fucking you up like a botched operation
I let them slugs go free, my glocks not enslaving
My bullets nigga, pull the trigga, from my tool, and then ya
Niggas hear my glocks proclamation
Bullet emancipation, every hot shots a statement

[Dice Deniro]
Shoe Gang, they look for they loot
Quick gunners, you aint got a shot when they shoot
To the grave, Ima walk around with the tre deuce
Die with my arms out like I'm tryna be Jesus
I'm gigantic and quite manic and accurate whenever I blam it
That’s the reason these niggas panic
Get it right I'm disgusting around mics
Like Yahtzee this game’s nothing without dice
No matter how many thoughts I leak on ??street?? tapes
I can never fully drain my massive think tank
Play me the best, I bet I’ll ink what he cant
Even he’ll have to ??morebord?? the pictures my speech paint   
We mobsters rockin rocks and dope
Nine tick-tock and watch his cocking rots and finding
Poppin optics squash his squads with problems
Y’all cant stop this COBsters that’s a preposterous

[Demetrius Capone]
I'm a spotlight villain, diamond heist, I'm shine stealing
I must be Christ-like, cuz your wife she like kneeling
If looks could kill, I got you in my sniper sight
I’m ice grillin like my ice grills in
Erase you like ancient Mayans, escape from an insane asylum
I'm makin any atheist and a Satanist praise a tyrant
I'm scraping the sky with my height, a giant that’s named Goliath
When I stomp, the continent breaks, creating islands
In honor of Obama’s inauguration
I’m enslaving republicans, I stuff them in concentration
Camps, I'm Osama and I'm a racist
I hate the human race so I'm wastin the population
Eh, I'm an ape and I'm crazy and dominatrix
and Dahmer rapin' his momma to spawn an abomination
Wait, give me the safe’s combination
I'm Tyra Banks brother Bobby, I Rob Banks with the face of Ronald Reagan

[Royce da 5’9”]
Yall bitches should call Nickel the Don Bishop the poet
The mixture of Don Gold and some John Grisham the flow'll
Have you rewinding four, five times
That landmine rhyme written with porcupine lines
Step up in here with the Horseshoe, COB G.A.N.G.
We the folks who will bend your gun barrel into a horseshoe
Only fuck with monsters, we the truth
Monsters, pop up on you like you said "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice"
I cant even see the booth, I could fit in Stevie shoe
I'm sick, I got the Desert Eagle Flu
I'm rich, lil nigga we dont need a set, teflon
The doctor tried to take blood, the needle bent, ex-mom
Fifty percent of you niggas is punk bitches
I fuck with real niggas, real niggas that want weight, but dont want fitness
Fish in a horseshoe is all I can see shit
Me and Crooked I done let the dogs off the leashes
i ain't even hear the track yet and the lyrics look like verbal murder that just killed me!
yeah the track is boss
COB really giving crack lines to fiends
in dices line its, "I can never fully drain my massive think tank", capones is "cuz your wife she like kneeling" julius's is "My occupation is to off my patients, its not ogmentation" and the part in royces verse about fitting in stevies shoe is refering to being able to fit in stevie wonders shoe
1st verse, he says neuropathy. 
thank you guys those lines were the ones pissing me off the most
any ideas on Capones verse?
Capone says

"I'm makin' any Atheist and a Satanist praise a tyrant"

"I hate the human race so I'm wasting the population"

"and Dahmer rapin' his momma to spawn an abomination."

Capone's part looks legit otherwise.
1st verse, I THINK he says "a nun whos BAD."  Im not 100% tho
This shit goes hard. Each one got a fuckin sick rhyme scheme.
yeah man they all killed it
I liked Dice's verse the best for some reason
the way he builds up on the last few bars of his verse was sick

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