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Brand New C.O.B. Hoodies & T-Shirts Available For Purchase (Limited Quantity)

[Image: black_cob_hoodie_2010.jpg]

Quote:Back in June we announced the arrival of Crooked I's brand new line of COB t-shirts. As the fall is quickly approaching, the Boss of the West has already started planning ahead.

Gracie Productions recently unveiled the brand new COB hoodies on Crooked I's official Big Cartel store. These hoodies, which are available in black and gray, proudly display the classic and highly sought after Circle of Bosses logo. As this is an extremely limited design, fans are urged to pre-order their hoodies immediately. If you are interested in obtaining additional information, please visit the link included below.

Crooked I's Big Cartel store features additional items that are still available for purchase. We encourage everyone to support the Circle of Bosses movement by visiting the site. In the mean time, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for future updates.


the new black/red and white/blue design is nice. 

I'm probably going to pick up the White and Gray ones, I don't rock Black that much and already have the other T-Shirt design in black anyway.
might buy that one and blue,,,,,,  they need to go all out and go with all colors. mix and match...
It would be nice to see the real  shirt...looks good though imo
Just a question...what does it say on the back?
(06-30-2010, 12:52 AM)101dhs link Wrote:Just a question...what does it say on the back?
Yeah I want to know this aswell. White one for me not sure on the other 2
It says they will be available as of july 27th... Does this mean they wont be shipped until then?

Pre-ordered one yesterday... The white one looks good.

is this site legit

and also why doesnt crooked sell his other mixtapes on there

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