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"kill you if you step on Keith Murray or Canibus shoe"
crook did his song with Canibus and Keith in 2009

Royce in 2009 or 2010 dropped a diss on canibus  "we liked you before the army now we aint a fan of your shit"

what happened here to cause Royce to diss canibus and isn't it funny how Crook didn't defend bis 
i kinda think crooked is neutral to sub shots because he shouted saigon during hhw and he has done collabos with saigon and he never really took sides with the whole back and forth between budden and saigon  same thing applies here
just cuz they r in a group together doesnt mean they have to like the same people.

remember his song with raekwon as well? its not like if one of em have a problem everyone instantly has to  go after em

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