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lets hear it people, Crooked, we want #okbye. need it ,want it, must have it.....know you cant charge for it, so just drop it for the any fan of yours, you always leave me wantin more, and we need moooore, i need mooore, lol.....lets hear people; who wants more.......
my man had legal issues
like i said, there are no legal issues if you drop it for free, so once again.....who wants to let crooked know they need this track, lets hear from you.......
so you are saying Crooked should take a song he felt was release worthy and give it out for free?
I honestly don't know the situation behind #OkBye, but I'm assuming that if Crooked DOES release it in the future, he'll wait to clear it first. The same way he did with "That's My Word".
whaat sorta legal issues could he of had with this song? has it got to do with #okbye being a trending word on twitter? anyone know what the issue is?
Im not an expert on this but if it wasn't on an official release if it just happened to leak does it matter about clearing samples?

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