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Joe Budden - "Mood Muzik 4" (Trailer #2)


Make sure to pre-order...
Holy shit... that trailer is impressive. BTW, I've never seen that clip of Ransom. Isn't that what got him thrown in jail?
Wow. Deep shit. Cant fuckin wait for MM4
this trailer remains me of these fanmade saw trailers...hahahaha, nah but it´s good, did he fight with ransom there?
this 2nd trailor is real INTENSE.

In my opinion, the most anticipated project of the year for true hip hop fans.
wack trailer.  i dont' know it just wasn't doin it for me.

i do know for the past 10+ months from various topics he's made on jbtv and the type of feedback and critism he's been getting from his most hardest,  i know this project will be dope, lets see if he really took into consideration what the fans really want out of joe budden. he even did a inception beat from the snippet i heard,  i can't wait for this.
I have the impression this project is gonna be fuckin awesome.

Celph Titled's LP with Buckwild is out october 26th too, surely the 2010 date I anticipate the most.
All I know is, I've been waiting on Stuck In The Moment for over a year... I CAN'T WAIT!
I can't wait to see this movie!!
Black Cloud sounds like a fucking amazing track

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