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Anyone Got Their Hard Copy Of Planet COB?
digital is way my friends
I bought both on iTunes also but want the hard copies

But looks like if its Gracie, has to be digital only
someome twitter her all the threads about the BS that you lot have gone through on here. EFFeX, i think it would mean more if ot came from you, and retweet it to crook, so he knows what's up with his fans.
(10-18-2010, 05:28 AM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote:someome twitter her

Gracie is actually owned by a dude, I've actually met him.

I'm not sure what's going on with the CDs, I'm definitely trying to get word on them though.
damn i have always thought its a woman, due to the name haha.
Dude's probably a transsexual.
thanks for lookin into effex, this is some straight bullshit
How do i get my money back from Paypal? I've never done it before but i plan on doing it with this purhcase so can someone tell me exactly how to do it. haha
Alright everyone... here's an update...

"I'm bringing all @TheRealCrookedI Planet COB CDs with me to NYC to get signed. Thnx for the patience u will be get a free gift from me" - @GracieProd

better be rolex or some shit...

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