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Crooked I's content too advanced?
The only way I really think anyone could say this is if they listen to his club/single type tracks with the dime-a-dozen beats/topics/lyrics.
(10-01-2010, 12:28 PM)travisgodbey link Wrote:he has no content wat? the lines in hhw4.... wanna take me to court... fuck u.. i dont care.. its the art of war let sun tzu.... prob the best lyric ive ever heard
that is a incredible line, but realistically if you take a survey of 1000 of your average mainstream rap fans how many do you think will know who sun tzu is let alone heard of the book the art of war? its sad that even though in my opinion his lines arnt to complex, from my personal experiences people dont have a clue what hes talking about. like Rcharles says most people just want a catchy hook and the odd punchline about chains, selling coke or "bitches". Most people seem to enjoy being left in the dark so to speak, and if you look at who is for the most part incharge of the major labels they want fans to be kept in the dark too especiially when it comes to anything political or idiot is far easier to control then someone who thinks for themselves and asks one simple question, WHY?...end rant.
its not exactly that HE is too advanced, but that so much rap out is so far behind crooked it seems like he is off another planet. and it is because of the mainstream, among the underground everyone knows he is the man, and in the UG there are many very talented rappers. but mainstream rap is so simple and it makes the ppl who listen to it simple/stupid and nobody seems to notice or care. i know i did tho. when i discovered SH it was the gateway to the underground and now i cannot have a conversation about rap with ppl who dont know the real shit. its nuts, 2 yrs ago if u asked me my top 5 it would be the same old pac big nas jay em and if u asked me top 10 i would struggle to make a list lol because all i knew was the shit the media puts in front of you. now ppl ask and i name ppl they never heard of and show them their music and they dont get theyre music. forget about the sun tzu lines and stuff, thats because ppl are uneducated on topics like that( i myself only ever heard about it on tv and shit) but ppl dont even understand literary devices unless its the most basic metaphor. counting how many syllables a rapper is rhyming is not a thing for regular fans, in my opinion if u have a hard time rhyming more than 3 syllables u should stop rapping and just listen for a while. also switching up the patterns always catches average fans off guard, they just miss it. and shit like homonyms are ALWAYS misunderstood, i showed my boy some HSG shit, hes like he said the same thing. i said listen to the meaning, not the words. he gives me the blank stare. i far as $ i CANT COMPLAIN(im doing well financially), swag different i CANT COME PLAIN(i have alot of style). he says thats wack. the only lines he thinks are nice are the ones u dont have to think about. so i told him the lyrics be high quality...yall know the rest. that went over his head, i explained that for a minute. then he was like yeah thats nice.....yeah thats nice?? nah mufucka that shit is fuckin MEAN!!
real hip hop is hard to find, a real hip hop fan is even harder to find.
everyone i know in my age group and whatever claims to be a hip hop fan, them mufuckas aint tho.
i on the other hand wake up hip hop go to sleep hip hop dream bout hip hop cuz
I've been listening to Crooked for so long that I've kinda held other emcees to an unreachable standard, lol. As I mentioned previously, I love all Hip Hop. You NEED the club joints, you need the catchy stuff. However, Crooked's music stays relevant for so long, because you can go back years later and still find hidden meaning in the lyrics that you might have not noticed earlier.

BTW: +1 to everyone in this thread, good discussion!
It's interesting that all you say that effex. I think the average rap fan or music fan (the ones that relies on tv and the radio as their main source for music, the same people that listen to mainly mainstream commercial rap) might not get the metaphors or meaning of each rhyme, don't get rhyme patterns and definity don't get the subject matter at hand. I done heard people say that mcs like sean price, celph titled from demigodz/army of the pharoahs and blu just mumbles a bunch of random shit, just forcefully being too lyrical rhyming each word and doesn't get to the point and really say what they want flat out. Their ignorant (not saying their stupid, they just dont know) about poetry, they most likely don't know the history of hip hop and don't read up on anything to expand their minds to get the references in the more conscious/political/abstract raps. Thats what it is. So don't worry it's not crooked i its the person who is probably not into lyrics like that and would rather hear the more simple shit that gets co-signed by the mainstream.
I mean, I'm not really sure his content is too advanced, but when people are posting comments such as "Crooked I says nothing in his music." It gets you worried about Hip Hop in general. lol
(10-01-2010, 10:27 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:I mean, I'm not really sure his content is too advanced, but when people are posting comments such as "Crooked I says nothing in his music." It gets you worried about Hip Hop in general. lol

agreed on that, like i said this very same thing is also said about several mcs like blu, celph titled and guys like that. I just don't get like did you hear or pay attention to anything he said??
Like me and my boys have been saying for a bit! If crook broke out in the early to mid 90's he would have blown up and would have been the westcoast jay z, selling a mil in the first week. Not sayin its too late for crook, just times have changed. Back then lyrics made or broke an mc, now its ringtone tracks and marketing! Unfortunately the teeny boppers that make up 75% of record sales are buying the hype of the soldier boy type crap! Crook solely brought me back to rap. Not saying there isnt tight tracks or artists out there, im just not in my teens with time to search the underground. So all i gotta say is thank you crook, keep up the tight lyrics and dope tracks, and hopefully shady records can give you the mainstream attention that you deserve and that real hip hop heads want!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy belated!
without straying too muchoff topic  i think some people basing this "crook has no content" thing  off his freestyles and knowing he has no album out and they just run with it.  ill stop it right there.

as for the lines...its like shifting gears  he can go from simple to those that really fly over your heard.

you got his simeple lines like his young money punchlines

"im a fucking robot...R2D2"
"my denims needs a kiss  call me gene simmons" 
and you got his lines like that "go out like Jones Town"  like i didn't even what that was so i did research on it. " i shoot better when the heat (miiami) comes like my homie kobe"

ive been listening to crook for a while and i still have to go back and hit rewind on some of his tracks because i coudln't catch wat he was saying.  reminds me a lot of the time i had to go back and listen what Nas ment when he said "I drank Moet with Medusa, give her shotguns in hell
From the spliff that I lift and inhale, it ain't hard to tell"

(10-01-2010, 10:27 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:I mean, I'm not really sure his content is too advanced, but when people are posting comments such as "Crooked I says nothing in his music." It gets you worried about Hip Hop in general. lol

this exactly....He isn't too advanced, but you do have to be at least somewhat intelligent to understand his music and some of his punchlines

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