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Joe Budden - "Black Cloud" & "Mood Muzik 4 (Trailer 3)"
This is the new trailer for Mood Muzik 4, enjoy!

BONUS (For Those Who Missed It): Black Cloud -

Every Monday, Joe will release a new joint from MM4 as part of the "Mood Muzik Monday" series.
Awesome trailer and amazing song. Mood Muzik 4 is going to be a classic
I'll wait for the whole thing to drop ....
definately feelin Black Cloud
Was gonna wait for the full project but fuck it, ima cave in and listen to black cloud. its getting mixed reviews on jbtv. whats everyone else think?
this track is tight  8)  His concious rap is sick. Sounds like joe buddens is still getting better and this mixtape deff has classic written on it.
great is broken though
yeah, i'm not even that big of a fan of MM1,2,3 but this one is looking sick. Great track, the trailers are dope too, can't wait.

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